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Jueting Intelligent digital hearing aid - Applicable people

Subdividing 16 channels with WDRC wide dynamic range compression technology,
it easily captures sound, making the speech more delicate. Three different
modes to improve speech resolution.

General mode

Voice enhancement mode

Outdoor mode

Jueting Intelligent digital hearing aid - Product advantages

√  Neck hanging design
Easy to operate, Anti-lost
√  Hearing aid DSP chip
16 channels+WDRC
√ Intelligent howling suppression
Not easy to harm ears
√  Intelligent noise reduction
Human voices clearer
√ APP self verification
√  Scene mode
Satisfy different occasions
√ Magnetic  charging
Easy to operate, long-lasting to use
√  Bluetooth 5 .3
Connecting  phone  
make/receive calls
√  Open earplugs
Eliminating ear blockage effect    
√ Miniature
Balanced Armature
Drive Units

 Jueting Digital Hearing Aids
     Quality selection,Care for family